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Submitting Your Work:

    If you are interested in publishing one of your works on our platform, please submit the following information along with a copy of the paper to general@studentspotlight.ca.  




Program of Study:


Course Code: 



Type of Work: 

Grade Received: 

*Note that it is possible to submit a work to our platform without some of the above information.  However, should our review panel feel that there is insufficient information to adequately catalogue a submission, it may not be published.  By submitting to our platform, authors are consenting to Student Spotlight publishing their works on our site without expectation of any immediate or future compensation.  Authors maintain ownership of their works and can withdraw this consent at any time by emailing general@studentspotlight.ca.  To avoid potential violations of academic integrity, we ask that students refrain from submitting works until they have completed the course for which the assignment was written 

Our Review Process:


   Submissions made to StudentSpotlight are reviewed by our publishers on a case by case basis.  Our team will read over each work to ensure that the work adheres to certain standards for a high-level university paper.   These standards include proper citations, clear language, and an acceptable level of grammatical proficiency.  In most cases, papers are also expected to include a cover page and works cited - exceptions to this requirement can be made at the discretion of our review board on a case by case basis dependent on the form and content of the work.

  We do not evaluate submissions based on our own whether our board agrees or disagrees with the opinions, conclusions and ideas expressed within the work; we evaluate solely based on the quality of the work presented.  However while we remain committed to the principles of freedom of expression and academic neutrality, the board does maintain full discretion to disqualify submissions should they be deemed to constitute hate-speech.

    While it is taken into account, we do not consider the grade received as sufficient proof that a given submission is a high quality work as the information is self-reported by the author. We strive to publicize submissions in as prompt a manner as possible, however due to the small nature of our team we do not guarantee a timeline for submissions to be uploaded to our platform.  Most papers are reviewed within 5 business days, however this timeline remains indicative only.

    Note that by submitting papers to our publisher, you are consenting to allow StudentSpotlight to publish your works on our platforms.  Student numbers or any other personal identifiers will be removed from reports by our team, and formatting may shift when publishing to our site, however our team will otherwise leave works unchanged. As noted above, authors retain full ownership of their works and are able to withdraw their consent and have their publications removed at any time by contacting our team.

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